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Road Surface Marking

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Road surface marking is any kind of device or material that is used on a road surface in order to convey official information. They are used on a paved road ways to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. They can be used to describe traffic lanes, inform motorists and

pedestrians or attempt to wake a sleeping driver when installed (in the shoulder of a road).

Components Of Road Surface Marking

Road surface marking includes, all

  • Lines
  • Symbols marked
  • Words applied to, set into or attached to the surface of the roads to show road alignment.

These road marking complement road signs especially where these signs are lacking and or to avoid being knocked down by drunk or reckless drivers. They are retro-reflective so that one can clearly and safely follow the road even at night, hence marked in

  • White or yellow paint
  • Thermoplastic
  • Preformed tapes
  • Road studs
A road studA ROAD STUD

Three(3) Categories Of Road Surface Marking

The three categories of the road surface marking were as follows

Across The Carriageway Marking

  • Are marked perpendicular to the shoulders of the road
  • Usually indicate a halt or stop point for road users. For instance.

Example Of Across The Carriageway

- Give way lines - Pedestrian crossing - Cyclist crossing - Traffic light line - Roundabout line - Markings on approach to intersection - Markings on speed change lanes - Directional arrows - Protected right turn lanes - Box markings - Continuity lines - Stop line

A stop sign mark on roadSTOP LINE
Pedestrians using the CROSSING

Along The Centre Of The Carriageway Marking

  • This category is marked parallel to the shoulders of the road separating the various lanes
  • Shows where there is a bend prohibiting overtaking and changing lanes
Road surface marking on the centre of the road CENTRE ROAD MARKING

Example Of Center Carriageway Marking

- Center line markings - Traffic lanes marking - Warning lines - No passing zones - Bus lane markings

Categories Of Center Road Markings

This category is divided into three(3) - Grass badge/ Flower - Paint marking - Road island / Concrete. For instance, Center lines, Lane lines and No overtaking lines

Along The Edge Of The Carriageway

Road marking along the edge of the road EDGE ROAD MARKING
  • Solid or broken lines along the edge parallel to the shoulders of the road
  • They indicate where the edge lays
  • Used as traffic guidance to know roundabout
  • Used for night driving
  • Must not be crossed except when parking or turning. For instance, Rumble strip, shoulder parking line.

Principles Of The Center/Along The Edge Carriageway Road Surface Marking

Some of the guiding principles of the center and edge carriageway road surface marking are given below

  • The lines can be either broken, solid or double solid. Broken lines are permissive in character and allow crossing with discretion, if traffic situations permits
  • Solid lines are restrictive in character and do not allow crossing except for entry and exit from a side road or premises or to avoid a stationary obstruction.
  • The markings are provided for separating traffic flow in the same direction and the predominant colour used is white
  • Yellow colour is used to separate the traffic flow in opposite direction and also to separate the permanent edges
  • Double solid lines indicate severity in restrictions and should not be crossed except in case of emergency. There can also be a combination of solid and broken lines of the combination is nearer to the direction of travel. Vehicle from the opposite direction are not permitted to cross the line.

Other Categories Of Road Surface Marking

Hazardous Location Markings

Hazardous location markings informs the driver on a change in the width of the road and other hazardous location on the road. Hazardous location markings includes

  • Carriageway width transitions
  • Obstruction approaches
  • Road-trip level crossing
  • Check barriers

Markings For Parking

The markings of the parking space limits on urban roads promotes more efficient use of the parking spaces and tends to prevent encroachment on places like bus stops etc where parking is not allowed and is undesirable. It includes

  • Parking space limits
  • Parking restrictions
  • Bus stop

Object Marking

Physical obstruction in a carriageway or obstruction near carriageway like signal posts cause serious hazards to the flow of traffic and should be adequately marked. They may be marked on objects adjacent to the carriageway. Object marking includes

  • Objects within the carriageway
  • Object adjacent to the carriageway
  • Kerb marking

Word Message

Word message are message or symbols which are lettered or painted on the road pavement to warn of the road condition ahead. Word messages includes

  • Stop
  • Slow
  • Bus
  • Keep clear
  • Right turn only
  • Exit only

Colour Specifications For Road Markings

The colour specifications for road markings includes

White: Generally to all road markings Yellow: No overtaking zones, obstructions to approaches, parking restrictions. Black: Alternate with white for kerb markings. Blue and Red: Are used for special cases. Blue is for parking spaces for persons with disabilities; red is for raised pavement markings such as one-way street or alley.

Importance Of Road Markings

  • Road markings enhance safety of road users, example, vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists etc
  • Record has it that standard road markings greatly reduce road traffic crashes
  • Used to demarcate a road way
  • It enhances efficient, smooth and harmonious flow of traffic
  • It reduces traffic conflicts on the road Transport system
  • Road markings informs motorists of hazardous locations and obstructions on the road way
  • It gives prior notice to motorists on the road condition and features
  • It improves the level of alertness of road users
  • It can help to regulate the speed of motorists
  • It enhances the utilization and capacity of the road system.

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