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Do It Yourself Vehicle Maintenance

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Road transportation is the most popular means of movement of goods and human beings from one point to another. This movement on the road is majorly through motor vehicle. People have purposes attached to their vehicles. To some it is a mobile home, office and so on. This calls for the need to keep the vehicle in good working condition always.

Vehicle maintenance is one important factor that can prolong the life of a vehicle and maximize its efficiency at a minimum cost.

Types of Vehicle Maintenance

  • Routine/ Daily maintenance. Usually done on a regular basis like daily, weekly or monthly depending on vehicle usage.
  • Preventive or recurrent maintenance. This type of maintenance involves expert efforts and more money
  • Rehabilitation or Overhaul maintenance. This type of maintenance concentrates on a badly damaged part of a vehicle like knocked engine, accidented repairs.

For a successful car maintenance to be carried out, the following motor vehicle accessories are very essential. They includes Jack and wheel spanner, fire extinguisher, c-caution sign, tyre wedges, spare fuses, portable toolbox, spare tyre, spare fan belt, a fuel hose, etc

Guidelines On Do It Yourself Car Maintenance

Bad contact

Sign: Shooting sounds inside the carburetor, jerking movement or exhaust car goes off in motion, poor or hard starting of engine Remedy: Screw out the securing bolts gently to remove the contact breaker. Gently sandpaper the surface and fix back to proper position

Plug fault

Four plugs

Sign: Engine not accelerating smoothly. Engine becomes difficult to start. The exhaust sound becomes pulsating instead of smooth. Remedy: Mark the order in which plug cables are connected (firing order). Remove plugs with correct plug spanner. If dirty change. Check well, If bad change. If stained with oil consult mechanic to detect and rectify source of leakage into combustion chambers.

Bad ignition coil

An ignition coil

Sign: Puts off vehicle engine when it becomes hot. The engine will not start again till the coil cools down. Remedy: Check coil cable and change it were applicable

Distribution condenser/capacitor fault

Sign: It is found inside the contact set. It seizes normal current supply to contact set and pass it to the ground. The vehicle will not start even when pushed. The vehicle misfires at high speed. Back fire from exhaust pipe. It burns contact set frequently Remedy: Switch on the ignition and use a screwdriver tester and try flick open the contact set. You will notice spark of either high intensity or low intensity or no spark. Then put a new condenser and repeat the process.

Faulty Fuse


Sign: It disturbs electrical units AC wiper, lamps, from working. Remedy: It is advisable to know all electrical operated areas that use fuse in your vehicle and replace fuse with correct rating or temporary use wire till a new fuse is got.

Throttle cable

A throttle cable

Sign: It can cut at any time. Vehicle will not move but engine is working idly. Remedy: Adjust the mask in throttle. Stop and screw with a screwdriver to enable the engine run on a slightly higher and drive on all gears(if manual) gradually to a mechanic workshop to change the cable

Faulty carburetor set

A carburetor

Sign: Disturbs smooth movement of the vehicle. Engine picks and drops current frequently or stop since fuel is not supplied steadily as required for smooth and steady running. Remedy: Tap gently on the top of carburetor float chamber with a piece of iron or wood to dislodge dirt blocking fuel flow. If not go to mechanic to check fuel system

Heated lamp bulbs

Headlamp bulbs

Sign: If the bulbs are loose or burnt. Light Ray's are poor, or illumination. Remedy: Check all electrical control system ie fuses, switch etc. If they are good then use screwdriver to either tighten or loose the bulb as the case maybe. Do not stain the bulb especially halogen type.


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