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Road is a path established over land for the movement and conveyance of vehicles, goods, animals and people. Roads can be paved or unpaved.

Categories Of Road Users

There are seven

categories of road users. They are the; driver, motorcyclist, tricyclist, cyclist, pedestrian, child and animal. Every category of road user must adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

Functions Of Road

The two main functions of roads are

  • Mobility
  • Access control

Types Of Road

They are categorizes as follows

  • Private drive pathways
  • Single carriageway
  • Dual carriageway
  • Expressway

Private drive pathways

Private pathway

These are roads owned, maintained or controlled by an individual agency or organization

Single Carriageway/ Two-lane Highway

Single carriageway

These are the usual single carriageway. Traffic on two-lane highway normally flows in opposite direction on single lane

Dual Carriageway

Dual carriageway

Dual carriageway is a road which has multiple lanes with traffic going on opposite direction. They may not be physically separated by non-passable dividers such as concrete barrier



Expressway is specially designed and restricted highway divided with barriers which make traffic in opposite directions completely separated from each other.


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