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FRSC: Public Beware And Avoid Trouble

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Public beware and avoid trouble is one of the recent warnings issued by FRSC to the general public. Observing some of the encounters with FRSC operatives, it seems some road users are yet to understand the way their operation works. First of all, the Federal Road Safety Corps is saddled with the responsibility of eradicating road traffic crash. According to the FRSC (establishment) Act, 2007,

it empowers the Corps to take responsibility of traffic management, preventing and minimizing road traffic Crash, SUPERVISION of users of such roads, the regulation of traffic there on, clearing of obstruction on the roads, traffic violators, etc. Read the statutory functions of FRSC

Traffic offence usually goes with a fine but imprisonment on serious cases. Why would some road users choose to make their own case worse by not obeying simple traffic instructions by men of FRSC while on duty. Of course the government of Nigeria has thought it wise to create a way for the public to channel their complaints, and challenge their decision, if issued a fine ticket in a law court.

Offenders by law have the right to approach a court to challenge the fine ticket issued to them. Instead of going the unwise and brutal way which will finally land them on a more serious trouble.

Public to avoid trouble

We are quick to forget that it is this same FRSC that the general public usually commend during the festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, Sallah, etc. Also, when our loved ones are involved in an auto crash. It is still the same people that normally carry out the rescue. However, as stated in the FRSC Establishment Act, 2007, safety and accident reduction on our roads can not be achieved without road traffic enforcement. During enforcement, there are various traffic offences to checkmate which causes road traffic crash.

The point is, it is better and cheaper to obey operatives on the road. Knowing that some little offences can easily get offenders into more troubles or even into prison. Couple with the fact that the economy is "too good". So why not obey the traffic laws. Meanwhile if not satisfied seek a redress in a law court. You can not live in a developed area with paved roads and behave like an animal in the bush.

Public beware and avoid trouble

To be more equipped about traffic law obtain and read the Nigerian Highway code. Go through it several times. If you can not read, look for someone to read and interprete it for you.


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