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All You Need To Know About FRSC Special Marshals

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The Federal road Safety commission Act, Cap 141 laws of the federation of Nigeria, brought in the FRSC into existence after considering the fact that millions of Nigerians and foreigners are losing their lives on daily basis while using the road. The commission consist of the uniformed and non-uniformed marshals. The uniformed marshals are the salaried officers and men of the Corps. The non-uniformed are the FRSC special marshals. They are the arm of the commission consisting of men and women of proven integrity in the society, men and women who are highly placed and successful in their different endeavors but have seen the need to clear the obstructions on roads, to educate drivers on safety and reduce road traffic crashes level on our roads to its barest minimum.

Special marshals



Regular marshals

FRSC Regular Marshals 



The Powers And Right Of FRSC Special Marshals


The special marshals complements the activities of the regular marshals and though their services are voluntary which means they are not paid salaries. But they have virtually all the rights and powers of the regular marshals, which includes: the powers to


  • Arrest offenders
  • Give tickets to offenders
  • Give Public enlightenment to the road users
  • Clear obstructions on the highway
  • Control traffic
  • Possess an ID card which itself alone is a symbol of power and authority.


The Functions Of Special Marshals


Just like the regular marshals, the special marshals have their functions which includes


  • Traffic control
  • Patrol activities
  • Be actively involved in rescue activities on the highway
  • Partake in research activities that promotes safety on the highway
  • Plans, organise and participate in public enlightenment programmes and Safety campaigns
  • Assist road safety club in their activities



Some Obligation Of Special Marshals


  • A special marshal upon enlistment undertakes never to drive or permit himself to be driven above the prescribed speed limit except in provable emergency circumstances
  • A special marshal with a special marshal sticker displayed on his vehicle should not use such vehicles for commercial purposes or public transport.
  • A special marshal dont have any special privileges other than the right and responsibility to ensure Safety and enforce the road traffic laws. They are not expected to use their status or position for any undue advantage or opportunity
  • It is the obligation of a special marshal to stop to offer assistance to victims of road traffic crashes
  • A special marshal should use his position to educate loved ones, friends or relations on traffic offences.
  • No marshal is permitted to collect money on the road, either in form of gratification or payment of fines on the roads. All payments of fines are done in the bank after generating remote. Though there is provisi



How To Become FRSC Special Marshal The special marshals consist of men and women in the society who are highly placed and who are hundred percent voluntary and committed to the job of Safety on our roads. They actually complement the duties of the regular marshals. How to become FRSC special marshal will be explained to the details...




This Is FRSC Organisational Structure


The FRSC was established by the Federal constitution in 1988, and was backed up with an enabling law which is Decree 45 of 1988 and subsequently amended by Decree 35of 1992. One of the highlights of this amendments is the power to Patrol on all roads not only on Federal roads. The commission has the responsibilities of policy making, organisation and administration of road safety in Nigeria...

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