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How To Become FRSC Special Marshal

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The special marshals consist of men and women in the society who are highly placed and who are hundred percent voluntary and committed to the job of Safety on our roads. They actually complement the duties of the regular marshals. How to become FRSC special marshal will be

explained to the details

Who Is An FRSC Special Marshal?

A special marshal is a volunteer Nigeria or nationalised person that is not less than 25 years and not more than 65 years enrolled by the FRSC with proven integrity trained on the basic rudiments of the Corps as to enable such person perform the statutory responsibilities of the Corps. Nothing can quantified or more noble than engaging in a life saving venture through voluntary services to humanity

Become FRSC Special Marshal

Benefits From FRSC Special Marshals

  • You stand by being a member of this constituted society by the government back up with law of the Federation of Nigeria
  • Established good relationships with your colleagues in your unit, in the state and in the nation
  • Good relationships with other military and paramilitary organisation ( esprit di Corps)
  • Your family close friends stand out to be educated on the ethics and nums of being Safety conscious while on the road.

Requirements For Joining FRSC Special Marshals

If you are among the following individuals, then you are eligible to become a member of FRSC special marshals

  1. An adult who is 25 year of age but not more than 65 years
  2. A person with proven integrity in the society with evidence of viable means of livelihood
  3. A person with valid drivers license and clean driving records
  4. A person who possesses a minimum qualifications of secondary school certificate or its equivalent and is able to communicate effectively in English language or the local language prevailing in the locality and must have developed himself or herself to an acceptable level in the society
  5. A person who is certified to be medically fit as evidenced by a medical certificate of fitness issued by any government hospital
  6. A person who owns road worthy vehicles and have valid vehicle papers
  7. A foreigner who has certified the above requirements with a resident permit of a minimum of five (5) years

Mode Of Enrollment

  • Enrollment into special marshals can be on group or individual basis
  • Such a group or individual shall apply in personal handwriting. Subsequently, they are invited for screening/interview exercise.
  • Successful candidates shall obtain an application form from the commanding officer
  • No applicant can participate or wear the special marshals kit until he is duly inducted as a special marshal
  • The applicant must pass through the appropriate channels of communication


A) special marshals kits include the following

  • Reflective jackets
  • Cap
  • Hand band
  • Rain coats
  • A copy of the special marshals guidelines and code of conduct
  • An ID card

B) the following are to be procured by special marshals members based on specifications by FRSC

  • First aid box
  • Torchlight
  • Whistle
  • Standard fire extinguisher and the highway code


All You Need To Know About FRSC Special Marshals

The Federal road Safety commission Act, Cap 141 laws of the federation of Nigeria, brought in the FRSC into existence after considering the fact that millions of Nigerians and foreigners ...


This Is FRSC Organisational Structure

The FRSC was established by the Federal constitution in 1988, and was backed up with an enabling law which is Decree 45 of 1988 and subsequently amended by Decree 35of 1992. One of the highlights of this amendments is the power to Patrol on all roads not only on Federal roads. The commission has the responsibilities of policy making, organisation and administration of road safety in Nigeria...

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