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Be Conscious of these human factor now

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Highly authentic available data indicates that more people in Africa die through road traffic crashes   than through all the dreaded diseases put together. This is a very alarming fact. Hence this topic, be conscious of this human factors


The Human Factor


Using Vehicle Lights


Drivers must ensure that they turn on their moving vehicle lights from sunset to sunrise. Lights also must be on at any time. Condition makes it difficult to see people or vehicles 1,000 feet ahead. By using your headlights on raining or foggy days, you will help other drivers to see you and you will give yourself an extra Safety margin. Headlights turned on during daytime hours will make your vehicle more visible to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. Use headlights when driving at dusk. Even if you can see clearly, headlights helps other drivers see you.



It is against the law to drive a vehicle with parking lights only. However, the law says that you may have these lights on only if your headlights are on. The small size of these lights may cause other drivers to think that your car is farther away than it is. Parking lights can only be used if the vehicle is parked or stopped on a roadway shoulder.


It is also illegal to have auxiliary lights, such as fog lights on by themselves or on at times when you are required to dim your headlights. These very bright lights lower the visibility of oncoming drivers.


Dimming Headlights


When your vehicle's high beam headlights are on,you must dim or lower the beam when an oncoming vehicle within 100m. Dim the headlights beam when you are following another vehicle within 50m. You also must turn off any auxiliary lights. Dimming headlights when following other vehicles is a practical safety step. Headlights glare in a rearview mirror can blind another driver.


Night Hazards


At night, your response to hazards is slowed because you cannot see what is beyond your headlights. You can reduce danger if you adjust your seeing and driving habits accordingly. The chances of a serious crash are much a greater at night, even though traffic is not as heavy as during the day, because of drivers who do not adjust to night driving.


Be especially alert for pedestrians and bicyclists at night or during dusk. Pedestrians wearing dark-coloured clothes are especially difficult to see and very young or older pedestrians may not realise how it takes to stop a car even at low speed.


Reduce Speed


Drivers have to slow down during sunset. You need the extra reaction time slower speeds allow. Well-adjusted headlights light about 120m of dark road. If you drive faster than about 80kph, you are actually driving being unable to see what is ahead you, beyond the range of your light.

Car on a high speed


Look slightly to the right of on coming lights and watch the road edge or fog line. This will help guard against headlights glare.


Check your headlights, tail lights and turn signal lights often to make sure they are working and that the lenses are clean.


Be very careful when passing at dusk. If an oncoming vehicle does not have its headlights on, you may not see it until it is too late.


Fog, Dust Or Smoke


If you drive into fog ,dust or smoke, or any area of reduced visibility, reduce your speed. Use headlights on low beam so that lights will be on the road where you need it.

Driving into fog dust



Sometimes fog, dust or smoke is in patches. Slow down before you enter a patch and be prepared to pull over and stop. There maybe a vehicle ahead of you, hidden in the fog, dust or smoke that has slowed down or stopped because its driver could not see, or because of a collision ahead. If you should choose to pull of the road, pull over completely off the road as far as you can to the right and stop. Use your emergency light/ hazard light. Chain reaction collisions, especially on freeways, often take place in fog,


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