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Avoidable Human factor That Can Destroy Road Users

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While behind the wheels, there are avoidable human factor that can destroy road users . Taking decisions are frequent occurrences happening within every kilometers covered. Sometimes problems could arise while driving. You must be able to know how to adjust your driving to catre for such unexpected problems. Also conditions of the road surface, adverse weather, traffic, poor lighting, physical, mental and emotional states of the motorists must be put into consideration and the necessary adjustments made. Having said that, this is the continuation of the topic, "Be Conscious Of This Human Factors".

Avoidable Human Factor

Bad Weather

Drivers often have to change driving habits to adjust to poor driving conditions Caused by weather. Bad weather calls for slower speeds. You should follow other vehicles at a greater distance. Rain, fog and dust impair your ability to see ahead and increase the braking distance required to stop your vehicle. Even little showers caused slippery roads when mixed with oil and dirt.

Vehicle tyres sometimes hydroplane. Which is skimming or floating over a wet road surface, leaving the car without any road contact. When hydroplannig occurs, there is loss of traction needed for Safety steer and brake. Stopping distance may triple, and steering control can be reduced or lost. Speed and low tyre inflation are the biggest cause of hydroplannig. How soon hydroplannig begins depends on the speed, tyre Inflation, water depth, road surface and tyre tread.

If you drive through water deep enough to soak the brake drums and linings, gently apply the brakes, if they have gotten wet, they may not respond. Dry the brakes by driving slowly slowly and gently applying the brakes until they begin to work. It is better to find this out before you need to brake for curve or intersection, or for a pedestrian who may step in front of your car.

Given Attention To Children And Pets

Children and pets can be noisy or demand your attention while you are driving. It is dangerous to take your eyes off the road to turn around to deal with the needs of children or pets. If you must give attention to young passengers or animals try to wait until you are at a red light of stop sign. If possible, pull over to the side of the road and park your vehicle to take care of them.

Holding People Or Package

When driving do not hold a package, person or animal in your lap or arm. This could interfere with driving control, especially in an emergency, or with your view to the rear, fronts or sides.

Dont Snack

It is dangerous to eat and drink while driving. A hectic schedule can put pressure on you to snack while behind the wheels, but you are far safer to pull over and park while eating in your vehicle than to eat while you drive. Your reaching time is slowed if an emergency arises while you have one hand on the wheel, your other hand around a sandwich and a soft drink you are worried about spilling.

Using Mobile Phones

Mobile telephone are another distractions that are increasingly common. While mobile phones can be very useful to users, the very safest way to use a mobile phone is to pull off the road when you need to receive or make a call. Certain guidelines must be followed to safely use telephone while driving.


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