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The Negative Effect Of Use Of Phone While Driving

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The negative effects of use of phone while driving has become the leading cause of crashes over the years. Nigeria started using mobie phone in August, 2001. Mobile phones are not meant to be used while driving because it increases the risk of being involved in a road crash up to four times. Younger drivers tends to use phone while driving than older ones or middle aged people.

Hand-Held And Hand-Free Mobile

Research conducted shows that distractions also occur even when using the hand-free, that is, talking without holding the phone through earphone, car speakers and so on.

Ways Of Using Phone While Driving

  • Make and receive call
  • Send and read text messages
  • Send and listening to audio and video messages
  • Browsing the internet
  • Participate in conversation on social media

Use of phone while driving 2

 What Are These Negative Effects

1. Distractions:

  • visual distractions are caused by moving drivers eye from the road and looking to the mobile phone to use it to make call or text messages.
  • Physical distractions occurs when a driver has to simultaneously operate their mobile phone that is, reach, dial, hold and operate their vehicle.
  • Cognitive distractions occurs when a driver has to divert part of his/her attention from driving to the mobile phone conversation. 


2. Slower reactions to traffic signals and more frequently missed signals 

3. Reduced general awareness of other road users

4. More risks in decision making. Leaving their lanes position, maintenance of appropriate speed 

 How To Reduce The Risk

  • Mount the phone near eye-level on the dash board reduce the risk of looking down to check who is calling
  • Use a phone-friendly in-dash system. The phone connects to the car bluetooth and have a bigger screen.
  • Try a "Do Not Disturb While Driving"  mode. Some phones have it. And can activates when it senses motion or connects to a car bluetooth
  • Focus on the road. The ways listed above can help you but the most important way is to use your common sense.  Make the road the number one priority.
  • Pullover to make emergency phone calls
  • Get directions or look at a map before starting the car

Phone on windshield

 What Government/FRSC Is Doing To Reduce The Risk 

Legislation has already banned the use of hand-held devices in Nigeria while driving. The FRSC as a lead agency in traffic management in Nigeria enforces the law. And if you are caught, you will be charged to pay for the offence of Use Of Phone while Driving-UPWD. The fine is four thousand naira.


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