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Programmes To Improve Mobility And Access For Persons With Disabilities

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Disability conditions are inevitable in any society, and considering the percentage of people that are disabled. There is need to fashion out ways to take Special care of them to bridge the gap of their inadequacies. For the purpose of this article, focus will be on the Programmes To Improve Mobility And Access For Persons With Disabilities.

The ways to go about this includes and not limited to the following 

  • Advocacy
  • Policy And Legislation
  • Consultation And Cooperation
  • Planning And Implementation 

Improve mobility for persons with disabilities 2


  1. Enlightening  the society to stop the negative attitudes exhibited towards persons with disabilities which always arise from superstition and fear of disability
  2. Collaborative advocacy by people with disability with concerned citizens is a crucial element for promoting appropriate design and operation of road transport system design. They know their own needs the best and they are the best to tell policy makers and designers how infrastructure and services can be improved to meet their needs
  3. A good time to  advocate vigorously for improvement is when new transport infrastructure are being planned
  4. Letting the ministry in charge of construction know the situation after carrying out “access audit” of infrastructure

Policy and Legislation 

The process of developing legislation and policy differ from country to country but the three main stages are evident:

  •  Mobilizing grass root support and key stakeholders
  • Formulate public opinion and enactment
  • Implementation, enforcement and monitoring

Bus design to carry persons with disabilities

Consultation And Cooperation 

  1. The best results are achieved when Government, transport providers, and transport users work together to provide a common goal and workout how to achieve them within the constraints of time and money
  2. Its better for consultation with Infrastructure planners to start early. Designers and Planners would be able to appreciate the need of people from the beginning. Remember that disability covers a wide range of people with different needs
  3. You should be aware of using the correct language when talking about people with disability eg. Some people may find the name“handicapped” offensive or say “wheelchair bound” and so on.

Planning and Implementation 

  1. Advocacy, Consultation, and Legal Frameworks need to result in planning and implementation. Strategies for planning and implementation involves the deployment of access improvement need of persons  with disabilities to balance between maximizing effectiveness and working with resource constraints
  2. Under most circumstances, strategies to implement access regulations should be incremental. This would allow authorities to work within their cyclical budgets. It would allow planners to target interventions first where they have the highest impact. E.g near hospitals, markets, schools etc
  3. The Use of access Audits- these are technical evaluation of transport facilities to access the level of barrier-free access provided by the facility

For more information read, Persons with disabilities and Barriers to transport  and  The Nigerian Disability Act 2018

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