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Vehicle Number Plate In Nigeria

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The vehicle number plate is the vehicle means of identification. In other words it is the identification mark of the vehicle. 

There are different categories of vehicle number plates in Nigeria. The colour code is used to differentiate these categories. Also there is a security water mark to discourage forgery. 
Presently, the first three and the last three digits are alphabets. The middle three or some times two are numerals. The complete number plate is alpha-numerical in nature. The first three alphabets represent the Local Government or Licensing Office where the vehicle is registered. 

Types Of Vehicle Number Plates


Background colour: Black
Lettering: White 


Private plate number

Background colour: White
Lettering: Blue  


Commercial plate number

Background colour: White
Lettering: Red 


Government plate number

Background Colour: White
Lettering: Green 

Armed Forces/Paramilitary

Paramilitary plate number

Background: White
Lettering: Black 

Temporary Number Plate 

 A temporary number plate is obtained whenever the original number plate is lost. And there are procedures for obtaining a temporary number plate.

Procedure for Obtaining a Temporary Number Plate

The person will apply to the licensing authority with a sworn court affidavit and a police report on loss of vehicle number plate
While waiting for the number plate to be out, write the number on a black background with white lettering there are people who specializes in doing that.
 Temporary number plate
There must be an evidence that the person is processing a new one from the licensing office. 
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