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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 2

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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 2

1) What is a Traffic Island?         Ans: It is a place between the two sides of an expressway or dual carriageway

2) What are the FRSC core values ?         Ans: Transparency, Fairness, Timeliness, Service Orientation

3) The Complete motto of Nigeria is?            Ans: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress

4) Name any three FRSC sports team.            Ans: FRSC handball team, FRSC athletic team, FRSC wrestling, FRSC football team(safety strikers)

5) When was FRSC certified by ISO and when was the Certificate presented.             Ans: March, 2013 and 16 April, 2013

6) What is the full meaning of RTSSS?           Ans: Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme

7) RTSSS minimum requirements are grouped into three safety standards, name them.             Ans: Operator's safety standards, Drivers safety standards & Vehicle safety standards

8) What was the rationale for the introduction of the installation of the speed limit device by FRSC on vehicle.   

Ans:  The basis for the introduction of the speed limiting device is to reduce road crashes and is associated casualties and save lives on Nigerian roads.

9)State five(5) advantages of speed limiters in a vehicle

Ans:  a)Reduces the top speed of vehicle to a pre-set limit. b)Lower fuel consumption and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions  c) Lower maintenance cost(tyre,brakes, engine)  d)Increase safety on the roads (fewer casualties) e)More relaxed driving and lower insurance premium with less crashes

10) When did FRSC Commenced full enforcement of speed limiting device on commercial vehicles in Nigeria.       Ans: 1st February, 2017

11) What are the three(3) tiers of FRSC?       Ans: a)Regular marshals  b)special marshals and Road safety clubs

12) Highlight five(5) statutory functions of FRSC.            Ans:  a)Preventing and minimizing road traffic crashes b)Education drivers, motorists and other members of the public on the proper use of the highways c)Clearing obstructions on the highways d)Providing prompt attention and care to victims of road traffic crashes e)Conducting research into the causes of road traffic crashes and methods of preventing them and putting into use the results of such practices  f)Determining and enforcing speed limits for all categories of road and vehicles.  g)Cooperating with bodies, agencies and groups engaged in road activities or the prevention of highway crashes

 13) What is the meaning of RRR.         Ans: Remita Retrival References

14) When is "Road Traffic Crash Rememberance Day" observed in Nigeria.            Ans: November each year

15) What is FRSC Toll Free number?            Ans: 122


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