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Benefits Of Non-Motorized Transportation

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The benefits of Non-Motorized transportation is something that all should know and understand. The campaign start from individuals and down to the general public.  Non-Motorized Transportation (NMT) is the movement of people, objects, animals, bicycles and so, devoid of motor engine. It includes all means of transport that are human powered like walking and cycling, and variant such as small wheeled transport (rick shaws, skates, skateboards, push scooter and hand carts) and wheelchair travel.

Pushing a hand cart

The Benefits Of Non-Motorized Transportation

a.    The use of non-motorized transportation also means that the carbon emissions released to the atmosphere by motorized vehicles are completely eliminated. Therefore the unquantifiable health implications arising from overconcentration of the hazardous gases in the atmosphere are reduced.  
b.    The heavy reliance on motor vehicles has made Nigerian urban transportation system vulnerable in the case of increased oil prices. With the adoption of non motorized transportation, the National fuel consumption will be reduced.  
c.    The health benefits of the cycling activities cannot be underscored if used as a sport/transport, since the pressure on health services and personal cost will be reduced as life expectancy is improved.  
d.    Most importantly, aside saving time it is also convenient, in Abuja, Lagos and some major cities for instance people spend long hours stocked in traffic in a bid to gain access to public premises such as shopping malls, market, hospitals, working places etc.  
e.    It reduces traffic congestion: Making cycling an additional choice of Transportation can reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life in Nigeria.  
f.    Road traffic crashes reduction. It is common knowledge that more people cycling and walking reduce victims per crash and takes more vehicles away from our urban centers  
g.    Cost; Cycling  can save peoples money. Cycling is attractive as a form of transportation when individuals consider the cost of cycling compared with operating a motor vehicle.  
h.    Bicycle parking demands up to 10 times less space than parking a car.  
i.    Cycling compare to public transport is much more flexible. Makes cities more attractive
k. Cycling reduce noise.  

The Challenges Of Non-Motorized Transportation

a.    Public awareness. Most individuals are not abreast with the advantages derived from making cycling a culture.  
b.    Lack of infrastructures and facilities; Pedestrian and Cycling infrastructure that is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic (raised median, vehicle parking lanes, bollards, landscaping, etc) are not found in most Nigerian roads.  
c.    Social factor.  Nigerians look at cycling as an activity of the poor because of the class attitude of the populace.  
d.    Exposure to dangers of Road Traffic Crash. In view of the lack of NMT infrastructures on Nigerian roads, cyclists and pedestrians are faced with possible dangers of Road Traffic crash. 

A lady on a push scooter

The Way Forward

1.   Collaboration with Federal Ministry of Transport for adoption of a National Policy on NonMotorized Transportation.  
2.    Mount pressure on Federal and State Governments through the Federal and State Ministries of works for provision of NonMotorized Transportation infrastructures and facilities on the Nation‟s highways.  
3.    Collaborating with stakeholders and other bicycle clubs on creating awareness about NonMotorized  Transportation.  
4. Consistent conduct of annual bicycle week by the corps to sensitize the public on NMT. 


For more information read: Non-Motorized Transportation

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I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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