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Change Of Class Or Category Of Drivers License

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Change Of Class Or Category Of Drivers License is explained under Regulation 51(1,2,3,4) of the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) 2012 and as follows

NRTR 2012 Reg. 51

51.(1) Where the holder of a current driver’s licence wishes to change to another class or group, he shall be tested on the proposed category or categories of vehicles and shall attach the results of such test(s) as well as the previous licence to his application to the Authority, the Authority may issue him a new licence showing the new class or group on the payment of the prescribed fee.  
(2)    The new driver’s licence shall be endorsed with the number and date of issue of the original licence and with any conviction or order which relates to any offence within the immediately preceding two years which was endorsed on the original licence.  
(3)    On the issuance of a new driver’s licence, the old licence shall be cancelled by the Authority and forwarded to the Central Data Base with the appropriate application form.  
(4)    Where a driving test is required by the Authority, no licence shall be issued unless the application is accompanied by a certificate stating the group or groups of licence issued under regulation 60 of these Regulations

Certificate Of Competence For Commercial Drivers

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57.(1) All commercial driver’s licence holders shall undergo a minimum competence of cumulative nine hours of competence training within a period of three years for and shall be issued a certificate of competence which shall form part of the commercial requirements for renewal of the licence. drivers.
(2)    The training and certification shall be as prescribed by the Commission. 

(3)    An applicant for any class of driver’s licence shall undergo vision acuity and general medical fitness examinations including the following—  
(a)    Blood pressure assessment for hypertension ;  
(b)    Blood sugar for diabetes ;  
(c)    Visual acuity and colour blindness ;  
(d)    Chronic arthritis ;  
(e)    E.E.G screening for epilepsy ; and ( f ) Ear defect.  

(4)    The vision acuity and general medical fitness examinations shall be carried out in any government hospital.  

(5)    Any person who contravenes the provisions relating to the requirements for obtaining commercial driver’s licence commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of N3,000:00 or to a term of imprisonment for six months or to both.

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