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Full List Of Automobiles Dashboard Light Indicators

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Automobiles dashboard light indicator shows the condition of the car and it will assist you to know the location of the fault and the possible repairs therein. 

These light indicators are made possible through the On Board Diagnostic(OBD) system fitted in cars, it is an on-board computer fitted to your engine that monitors the performance of your car, including its ignition, engine, gearbox and emissions system.

When a car’s on-board diagnostics system identifies a problem with the vehicle’s performance, it turns on a dashboard warning light and registers a code that identifies the issue.


Check Engine sign


Airbag warning light


Disc brake warning light


Seatbelt warning light


Engine oil warning light


Pre warmed oil light


Spotlight sign


Fuel saving light


Open car boot light


Brake systems failure warning light


Engine temperature warning light


Car battery warning lights


Airbag warning light


Power steering warning light


Wiper washer warning light


Traction control warning light


Fog light


Tire pressure warning


Car door open warning light


Low fuel warning light


Hand brake sign


Full list of automobiles dashboard warning light

Anytime you see any of these indicators on your car dashboard, be right sure that it signifies something.


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