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These Are The Road Design Considerations

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As a result of urban development, a good and standard access road is necessary for Mobility. Road development process involves stages such as planning, design, right of way, construction, operation and maintenance. Road design considerations is one of the important road development processes/stages. The objective of any road design is to provide a safe, efficient, economical and environmentally compatible road system. When road projects are properly designed and executed, the road network can be able to perform its intended purpose, reduce cost of maintenance and also enhance the safety of the road users. Road Design considerations are factors to be observed when practising systematic road design.

Road Design Considerations

 They include:  
i.    Safety  
ii.    Environmental  
iii.    Cost  
iv.    Constructability  
v.    Maintenance   
vi.    Highway function 


Safety is the principal design consideration. All designs have maximum safety as their objective.  


Road designs should be made in accordance with the preservation of environmental status quo and environmental enhancement. A feasibility study of the environmental impact of the road must be done. Thus, road designers should work in line with environmental bodies for recent guidelines.  


Cost of construction

The economy of a road design without sacrificing other considerations is the designer‘s goal. Cost/benefit analysis may be used, when appropriate for considering the cost implication of a road design.   


Here limitations on the construction methods, technology and materials should be considered. The designer should become familiar with construction practices and use the standard specifications for road and bridge construction. 


Men on road Construction work

Maintenance work begins after the construction is completed. Insufficient or inappropriate design causes additional maintenance effort or may require further construction to correct the design flaw.

Road function

The Highway/road functional concept is important to the road designer. Consideration must be given to the expected role the road is to play based on the location and environment is to be sited.  

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