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These Are The 3 Major Factors Influencing Road Design

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When embarking on road design, there are certain factors that influences the design to achieve good mobility and accessibility. Like earlier said, Road design involves positioning the physical elements of the road way according to guidelines and standards. Also, that the objective of any road design is to provide a safe, efficient, economical and environmentally compatible road system.

However, road devices such as road markings are necessary in order to guide create awareness on road users on some inherent features of the road, of safety concerns. In other words, a road way cannot be complete if it doesn't have adequate road devices that can give prior notice to motorists on certain conditions of the road.  

The 3 Major Factors Influencing Road Design

Road design is based on a number of factors. The three (3) main factors of road design are:  
1.    Traffic volume  
2.    Design elements  
3.    Environmental considerations  
Other factors include

i.    Expected operating speed  
ii.    Road capacity  
iii.    Highway system  
iv.    Access control  
v.    Environmental considerations 

Traffic volume 

Road traffic volume

Most of the criteria defining the geometric characteristics of highway cross section elements are related to traffic volume.

Design elements

Road design elements include:  
i.    Travel lanes and pavement  
ii.    Shoulder

iii.     Medians

iv.     Vertical and horizontal alignment  
v.    Sight distance  
vi.    Drainage channels  
vii.    Super elevation.       
viii.    Vertical and lateral clearances  
ix.    Design speed 

Environmental considerations

Play a major role in developing road projects. Throughout the duration of the road project, a close working relationship is needed between the environmental and the design staff assigned to each project to identify potential environmental impact seeks alternatives to avoid such impacts, adjust the design to minimize impacts to the extent practicable and develop appropriate mitigation measures as necessary.

Other factors

And Some other minor factors Influencing road design which includes: access control, Highway system, road capacity, road users expected operating speed and environmental control.

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