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Brief History Of Engr Denis C Okafor

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The Federal Road Safety Special Marshals join the family of late Engr Denis C Okafor to bid farewell to one of their own on 8th October, 2021. He was a devoted Special Marshals from RS9 Enugu zone.

Engr DC Okafor giving a speech in a programme

Engr. Denis C Okafor in his life was the serving Zonal Coordinator Special Marshals and the National Public Education Officer until his death. Earlier, he has been the Abia State Coordinator for years. Born on 10th December, 1955 to the family of Okafor from Orofia village, Abagana  in Njikoka local government area of Anambra state. He left behind his wife and six(6) children.

He was a  successful businessman, a great philanthropist, a devout Road Safety Special Marshal. He left when people like him is mostly needed to help build humanity. Honestly, the Special Marshals need more persons like that who is deeply committed in Road Safety matters. Aside FRSC activities, he has built houses for indigent people, deep into community empowerment, school development, building of churches, just to mention but few.

Engr DC Okafor with business associates

To cap it up, we need people that will affect the lives of others positively. As he has left a great indelible mark in the sands of time. His life also reminds us that "all metals goes to the black Smith". That is an old adage.

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