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All About The Cyclist

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The cyclist or the bicycle rider is a person riding a bicycle. A bicycle or cycle is a human powered pedal-driven and single track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one wheel behind and the other in front.

Bicycle Riding Rules

We should understand that just like other motor vehicles, a bicycle has the same rights  of way while on the road. They are one of the exposed road users unlike drivers. The following are the simple guidelines

  • Some roads provides bicycle path, use them where available

Riding on a bicycle path

  • The rider must ensure that the handle bars are adjusted to the height suitable for him
  • As a bicyclist, you are under obligation to obey all the traffic rules and regulations
  • Bicycles are not to be seen on highways or expressway
  • Cycling too close to a moving vehicle should be avoided. This is to prevent unexpected happening incase of sudden braking of the vehicle
  • Riders must not hold unto another vehicle while moving on the road. Doing so is a dangerous adventure
  • Riders dont have provision for pillion. Except if your bicycle is designed to have one

Two persons on a bicycle ride

  • Bicycle balance can be easily affected when carrying an oversized or outsize object. So avoid that.
  • Dont wear flowing dress for it may get stocked inbetween the bicycle spokes
  • Ensure that your bicycle is fixed with a headlight, rear light and with a reflector if you must ride at night
  • A bicycle rider is expected to wear helmet. It is one of the safety and protective devices for the rider.

Bicycle riders

  • Must ensure the bicycle is fixed with a functional bell
  • While riding in a group, ride in a single file
  • Try as much as possible to put on bright coloured clothes for other road users to see you quickly
  • Observe the road well when turning especially behind you

For more information read, Special Cycling Practices


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