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The Tricyclist And His Responsibilities

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A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle, two wheels at the back and one at the front. Tricycle can be human powered, gasoline powered or electric motor powered. The tricyclist is the person who rides a tricycle. Tricycles are popular way of transportation in many cities and very popular in the developing countries of the world.

The Responsibilities Of A Tricyclist

The Tricyclist aside the general traffic rules and regulations has some specific responsibilities to carry out for successful trip

  • Tricycle riders are to wear hand gloves while riding. This is because gloves keeps the riders hands dry by soaking up sweat and to maintain a safe grip on the handle bars. Moreso, hand gloves provide extra comfort by reducing the effects of vibrations passed through the tricycle and the handle bars to the main contact points.
  • Their worst problem on the road is meandering unnecessarily in the traffic. This should be avoided and lane discipline be adhered to strictly
  • Should not carry objects that are outsize
  • The Tricyclist should not carry more than three passengers. In recent times, government of some states like Anambra of Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic banned tricycles from carrying more than 2 passengers. Practically, some rngine powered tricycles used for taxis carry up to 5 passengers.
  • In most places where the engine powered tricycles are used in developing countries, they usually construct extra seat close to the riders seat. This trend is against the law and Tricyclist guilty should stop and go by the rule

A tricycle written taxi

  • Riders  sometimes compete with other vehicles on the road even with articulated vehicles. This trend also is wrong as the engine capacity is no way equal to the bigger vehicle engines
  • Some even ride on the expressway these days. It is a common sight
  • Tricycles maximum speed limits is 50km/hr according to Nigerian Highway Code
  • It is a big offence to ride tricycles on the expressway
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