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Features Of The Anambra International Cargo And Passenger Airport, Umueri

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The Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport was commissioned for business on 30th October, 2021. According to His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano there are several reasons Anambra should have their own airport he said; why should Anambra not have an airport? Why should a state that hosts the largest retail market in West Africa not have an airport? Why should

a state that hosts West Africa’s only auto-city not have an airport? Why should a state whose indigenes pioneered organized road transport and logistics-handling in Nigeria not have an airport? Why should a state with the highest number of owners of private jets in Nigeria not have an airport? And why, please tell me why, should a state with the largest population of itinerant and travelling people in Nigeria not have an airport? Why?

The Anambra International Airport

The Anambra Airport is said to have a runway of 3.7km. That is the Nigeria second largest runway after Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. It has a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) of 1km on either side of the runway.

The Airport is also equipped with category 2 light which is among the best air fields lighten system in the world today which makes it possible for flights to land even in the worst weather condition.  The runway is 270mm thick. That ensures that Airbus, including Boeing 747 can land with ease in this Airport.

The apron measures 200 × 300 meters wide and 560mm thick. That can comfortably accommodate 8 Boeing 747. It is connected to the runway by two Taxiways. The control tower is 34.5 meters high or 11 floors tall. It is equipped with a lift and a staircase. An inbuilt fire fighting mechanism. A 300 KVA standby generator is at the service of the control tower.

The tower of the Anambra Airport

The airport is classified as category 9. This means that it is equipped with three crash tenders of 6 × 6 with a capacity to dispense 12,000 litres of water at a time

The Electrical supply to the Airport is well planned and functional with 18 hours of light every day supplied from the substation at Agu Awka. A standby 800KVA generator in case of a power outage. And an Emergency Operstional Centre/ Clinic with ambulance and other essential equipment installed. The governor said.

However, there is no doubt that the activities of this airport will help reduce the vehicular traffic on Asaba - Benin and  Enugu - Onitsha expressways and the overbearing pressure on the Onithsa bridge .


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