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Dos And Don'ts In Driving Part 4

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The fundamental dos and don'ts in driving involves a series of things expected to be done or not to do while behind the wheels. Lets proceed.

Car at a junction

  • Do not block junctions with vehicle.
  • You are to approach a junction with extreme care and be ready to stop
  • Before attempting to cross at a junction, look left, look right and then left again then proceed on crossing
  • Some drivers knowing fully well that they can not cross successfully at a junction but moves ahead and block the junction. Do not proceed until you are sure it is safe and that you will not block the road
  • As a road user, you are not authorized to relay traffic signal to other road users, leave that to the authorized officer.
  • When there is a single or double solid white lines or an erected stop sign at a junction, it means STOP . You can go slowly to a point with maximum visibility, but check traffic on both sides before proceeding.
  • On a dual carriageway while crossing, treat each half as a separate road. You may wait at the centre of the road dividing strip, that is the road Island if there is need until  there is a safe gap in the traffic on the second half of the road
  • At a junction where there is traffic light, even if the green light shows up for you to cross, it means you may go, but do not go forward if other vehicles are held up at the junction as you will only contribute to traffic jam.
  • At a traffic lights when the red and amber lights are showing together, you must stop. Ensure you stop before the double lines across the road or ensure you stop at a distance where you will be seeing the light incase the lines are not there.
  • Upon waiting for the green light,keep a reasonable distance from the Zebra Crossings. In case, a pedestrian is already on the Zebra Crossing, wait and let him finish up before you move.
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