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The Flying Car: The Chinese Companies Are Fast Cashing Into Yet Another Brand Of Electric Vehicle (EV)

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The need to go greener all over the world can never be over emphasized. This has lead to the introduction of Electric Vehicles(EV) which is fast becoming popular in many advanced countries of the world. And now some Chinese Companies are racing in to cash into another kind of electric vehicle, that is, the Flying Cars.


A flying car


The report now is that China is ready to benefit from the Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing(EVTOL) Vehicle Market that is expected to hit $150.9billion by 2035 according PitchBook. The firm says VC's have already push in $640.9 million into varieties of Chinese EVTOL companies this year alone, probably because of the regions need for more transportation option.


The high density population of the region and the need to solve the difficulties in moving on the ground which is so much complicated will create the compelling need for the Chinese to look for other solutions quick. According to an expert.


In the USA, some other companies like Archer Aviation and Joby Aviation are getting capital for the EVTOL but China is specifically poised to dominate this emerging space. Also experts says China have some sorts of better advantages, in that China has access to low-cost commodities, low-cost manufacturing and a self-contained supply chain. However the fast growing middle class will drive demand for these EVTOL

Flying car in the air

 Here are the four Chinese companies that are cashing in on the business of flying cars.


Geely is a Chinese automaker that has invested in German air taxi developer, Volocopter. The Chinese automaker and Volvo parent company is pursuing urban air mobility development through several avenues. They saw hope in buying flying car startup Terrafugia in 2017



According to information, EHang has long been considered the leader in Chinese eVTOLs. Founded in 2014, it has a valuation of $1.3 billion, one of just six eVTOL unicorns across the globe, according to early stage venture capital firm Phystech Ventures. EHang 216 is an autonomous two seat, low altitude vehicle and cargo use of which the company has already sold 18 in the first half of this year.


Xpeng is a known leader in China's Electric Vehicle(EV) market by backing flying car startup HT Aero



Auto flight is been founded in 2016. They are dedicated evtol company that is developing air transport technology for both cargo and people based in Shanghai


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