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How To Reduce Traffic Congestion

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Vehicular Traffic congestion is a situation on the road that is characterized by slow movement, time consuming and soo many vehicle queuing to pass through to their destination. As development comes in, population increases which is responsible for more vehicles being in use. This situation is unwanted and nobody prays for it. Mere road expansion can help to reduce traffic but it's not the permanent solution to it.
How to reduce traffic congestion

Ways To Reduce traffic Congestion

There are ways both car owners and the government can help to reduce too many vehicular traffic on the road

  • Improve bus Services. A good example is what Lagos state government did on the use of BRT.
  • People should use more of public transport instead of moving by personal car always.
  • Government to improve on the provision of cycling infrastructure like provision of special cycling lane on every road
  • Traffic lights management to give priority to Cyclist
  • Provide special zones for bicycle and e-bikes to park
  • Provide good working equipment for those in charge of managing traffic for prompt removal of road obstruction.

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