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Complete Driving School Computer Base Test(CBT) & Road Safety/FRSC Past Questions And Answers

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Driving School Computer base test (CBT) & FRSC past Questions and Answers are both used to test understanding. Both are used for the graduating students of driving school while FRSC past Questions and Answers are specifically to ease understanding and ensure applicants of FRSC job positions comes out in flying colours no matter the cadre you applied for. However, if you have been driving, both materials are also  meant for you because your eyes will be opened on so many existing things you don't know about using the road, many tested guidelines that can ensure your successful journey, increase the life of your car and prevent your involvement in road accidents. The way out is now available for you and everybody. It doesn't matter your location on the map of the world because everyone needs it. Your safety first. 

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Driving School Computer Base Test (CBT)

Driving school Computer base test Questions and Answers were introduced and mandated that all graduating students from government approved driving schools after completing 26 compulsory sessions must undergo and come out with atleast 60% score for the students driving school certificate to drop. This was introduced  in the year 2022. The introduction of this system according to information is to eliminate producing Certificate by proxy. Any driving school student should understand that the purpose of the CBT(and this questions & answers) is to ensure proper understanding of the theories and practical and not for the purpose of exams. Every Certificate issued has a unique Verifiable number on it. The number is the most important aspect of the Certificate. Once altered before applying for drivers license, makes it very difficult if not impossible to assess the details of the owner when keyed into the driving school portal. Another important feature is the passport picture of the owner unlike previously. No one can apply for drivers license in Nigeria without the driving school Certificate. Obtaining the certificate depends on your performance in CBT.

People That Needs It

People that needs it include;

1) Those students of driving school undergoing training and those getting ready for their Computer Base Test after completing the compulsory 26 sessions.

2) Those that wants to participate in FRSC recruitment exercise

3) Those that wants to update their driving knowledge from time to time.

4) Even those sitting for FRSC promotional exercises.

Road Safety/FRSC Past Questions and Answers in PDF

Federal Road Safety Corps they said is an elite corps. This implies that they are made of intellectuals. Information has it that the corp is ISO certified. This means that they operate according to international standards.

To gain employment into the Corps, one needs to be up and doing. Prepare academically and otherwise for your writing and oral interview. We have done half of the job for you. The usual questions and answers are now available for you at your finger tips. However, the 3 cadres of FRSC job positions are:

a) Officer cadres - B.Sc, HND, holders

b) Marshal Inspector cadre - NCE, & equivalent

c)Road Marshals Assistant cadre - WAEC, NECO

In which ever position you are applying, the available Questions and Answers will provide you with all you need to succeed.

Click here  to view sample questions and answers

People That Needs It

People that needs it include;

1) Those that wants to participate in FRSC recruitment exercise

2) Those graduating students of driving school about to sit for CBT exam to obtain certificate for processing drivers license. 

3) Those that wants to know the hiding secrets of successful driving and to update their driving knowledge from time to time. Including every road users.

4) Also those sitting for FRSC promotional exercises.

How To Receive The Materials

Pay #2,000 for each or #3,000 for the both to :

Account Name - Okonkwo Chinedu

Account Number  - 3037932216

Bank - First Bank PLC

After payment, forward your request and proof of payment to:  +234(0)8034331927(WhatsApp/ Call), +234(0)9095248067(Calls) or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Complete Driving School Computer Base Test Questions And Answers  OR The Complete FRSC Past Questions And Answers according to your request will be forwarded

Our Delivery Is Trusted

We usually deliver The Driving  school Computer Base Test Questions and Answers Or The past Questions and Answers within 30 mins to 1 hr of receiving payment. Please notify us upon making your payment. We protect our name for any issue is been sorted out promptly or almost immediately. Keep your proof of payment as your evidence. We have helped many through our past Questions and Answers to achieve their dreams

Congratulations in Advance!

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