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Second Niger Bridge, Onitsha

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The second Niger bridge is a project undertaking by the Federal government of Nigeria. The River Niger is the third longest river in Africa after Nile and Congo River. It is the river Niger that separated Anambra state from Delta state. The river Niger alone in Nigeria have already seven major bridges over it. This particular bridge been talked about is the

river Niger bridge in Onitsha/Asaba.

Second Niger bridge Onitsha

The bridge is not far from the first Niger bridge. The lenght of the bridge is 1.6KM long, harbouring a toll station. The bridge is said to consume 14,000 tonnes of steel which is nearly double as much iron in Eiffel tower.

The first bridge was built in 1965 and it is the major link between the Eastern and Western Nigeria over years. Due to too many vehicular traffic on the bridge, the government initiated the Second Niger bridge through the Federal ministry of power ,works and housing. The commencement of the bridge was done through the ground breaking ceremony on March 10th, 2014.

Benefits Of Second Niger Bridge

The benefits of the bridge upon completion is much to the environment and the entire country at large. The followings are the benefits

  • Free Flow of vehicular traffic. The usual traffic gridlock on the first river Niger bridge will be drastically reduced as motorist can have the option of using additional bridge to cross over either to Onitsha or to Asaba
  • Increase the life span of the first bridge. When the second Niger bridge is been put into use, less vehicular traffic and heavy duty trucks will be plying the first Niger bridge and thereby increasing the total life span of the bridge
  • Ensure Road Safety. Having another bridge and one with multiple lanes and separated by intraversible barrier will undoubtedly enhance safety of road users on either lane
  • Improves the socioeconomic activities of both the surrounding communities and Nigeria at large.
  • Reduced workload for those incharge of the roads during festive season like Christmas and new year when the traffic across the first bridge is overwhelming
  • Improves the health and security of users

 In conclusion, motorists crossing the river Niger through Asaba and Onitsha cant wait to start using the second Niger bridge. As there are speculations that the bridge will be in use come October, 2022.


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