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Roundabout Driving Rules

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What is a roundabout? A roundabout is a place of roads intersection forming a circle which ensures that all traffic must go round in the same direction. There are roundabout driving rules which is to ensure sanity and safety of the drivers, pedestrian and riders. This is another place where drivers safety consciousness must be ensured.

Roundabout Driving Regulations

Driving through roundabout

Roundabout driving rules are to be explained thus. Drivers and cyclists on approaching a roundabout must follow this basic rules.

  • Drivers must not interrupt the free flow of traffic. They must keep moving once the road is clear.
  • They must take extra care to look out for other road users. Expecially the unprotected riders and pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Must watch out for traffic already in the roundabout.
  • Drivers must ensure that they give way to traffic on their left except road markings indicates otherwise. The entry drivers must yield to the circulating vehicle
  • Must be at the outer lane when exiting the roundabout.
  • Drivers are not allowed to stop at a roundabout.

Negotiating a roundabout

Negotiating a single carriageway roundabout
Single carriageway roundabout
  • When moving straight: Enter the roundabout on the left hand lane. Remain on that lane. Then indicate to your right turn before exit point and continue moving straight to the opposite direction where you entered the roundabout.
  • When turning right: When turning right, enter the roundabout from the right lane. Remain in that lane inside the roundabout and exit by the lane. The driver should use the right indicator while approaching and through the roundabout.
  • Turning left: Approach and enter the roundabout from the left lane. While indicating on the left side. Maintain the left signal while keeping to the left hand lane until you leave the roundabout.
  • Making a U-turn: Drivers must approach and enter the roundabout from the left lane and keep going. Before making an exit change the signal to right.

Drivers should not drive next to a large vehicle because of their nature. Articulated vehicles need extra space to negotiate a roundabout. Also drivers should know that when going forward or turning left, always exit from the left hand lane of the exit road, unless conditions dictates the use of right hand lane.

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