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Artificial Intelligence(AI): ChatGPT Won't Replace You

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Artificial Intelligence(AI): ChatGPT Won't Replace You, but you need to know how it works. As technology continues to evolve and disrupt the economy, the call to "learn to code" has become more frequent - particularly for those concerned

over the prospect of being replaced by automation. Every sector is inclusive even education as has been confirmed that ChatGPT passed medical exam in US. But what happens when the same technology starts to encroach on those who work within the tech industry?

AI Artificial intelligence ChatGPT


This is where ChatGPT and similar AIs come in: these AIs are capable of holding conversations, writing essays and reports, creating artwork, and (yes) writing code.


Mazen Kourouche, creative director of Litmus Digital, has already begun to utilize the AI to replicate parts of his job. ChatGPT is excellent at writing algorithms and constructing websites, and is able to quickly scan through Kourouche’s code in order to detect any mistakes.


Even with the AI’s immense capabilities, Kourouche is not afraid of it taking his job. He believes that the AI will only enable him to become more productive.


He states that Artificial Intelligence (AI) won't take our jobs, but the people who know how to use it will. This is evident in the recent developments of AI models that use Deep Learning, a technique that has been around for years but really took off in 2010 and has become more efficient with the availability of powerful computers. In 2017, transformer models, such as ChatGPT, were developed and trained using almost 600GB of data from various sources such as books, Wikipedia and the internet. This enabled the AI to generate human-like text and even artworks, given the right prompts.


The applications for ChatGPT are vast and obvious: report writing, internet copywriting, graphic design, software engineering, social media marketing and customer service. Jobs that involve repetitive tasks, data entry and simple decision making are likely to be replaced by ChatGPT, such as customer service representatives, telemarketers, and data entry clerks. In addition, ChatGPT can be used to perform tasks beyond simple decision-making, such as medical exams and health-related questions. ChatGPT has already demonstrated success in performing almost as well as experts on radiology fellowship exams and achieving 92.9% accuracy when answering a battery of common health questions. In some cases, ChatGPT has even been able to almost pass US medical licensing exams.


The effects of AI has the potential to diminish the creativity and empathy that is uniquely human, as the AI models lack an understanding of the nuance and context of our conversations. SEO copywriters, for example, are uniquely able to put themselves in the mindset of the inquirer, something that AI models are still unable to do. For this reason, AI is not yet able to replace the creativity and empathy of human beings.


How Far AI's Can Go

The emergence of AI-powered software capable of producing essays with references raises serious questions about the future of homework. According to Murphy, these models could be socially disruptive, leading to an overhaul of medical school curricula that excludes the need for students to manually write 2000-word essays on medical topics. The potential of these models to challenge Google's two-decade-long semi-monopoly on internet searches could have far-reaching implications. By providing users with direct answers to their questions, ChatGPT and other AI-based software could revolutionize the way we search the internet.

Throughout history, we have seen how new technologies have the potential to disrupt the job market - from the car to the calculator, the computer, and Microsoft Excel. Despite this, however, Australia's unemployment rate remains low at 3.5%.


Dr Paul Dalby, author of a Senate report on AI’s impact on work, points to the theory of Baumol's cost disease, which suggests that when one area of the economy becomes more productive, workers gain additional spending money, creating new jobs and stimulating other parts of the economy.


He states that “unemployment is completely unconnected to automation. Even if we automated every job in existence today, there would still be jobs in the future. It boils down to simply needing more spending money from the rich.”


Rather than replacing jobs, AI like ChatGPT will help to make workers more efficient through automating repetitive tasks and allowing them to spend their time on activities that require a human touch, thus making them more 


That's amazing! AI technology has come a long way and it's great to see it being used in creative ways like graphic design. It's so important to have a prompt with detailed instructions to maximize the AI's potential and it's even more impressive to see it being used as a job interviewer, translator, plagiarism checker, and relationship coach. It's clear that Justin Marchant a graphic designer, has found a great use for ChatGPT and it's encouraging to see how it can be used to save time and make graphic design more efficient 


That's right. Having someone who is an expert in the domain can be invaluable when it comes to understanding the nuances of how AI can be used to help a business. An expert can help curate the right prompts and make sure they are properly tailored to the business's needs. They can also provide guidance on how to best leverage AI technology to help achieve their goals.



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