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Enhancing Motorcycle Safety: 4 Guidelines for Road Sharing

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Every year, countless motorcycle enthusiasts hit the highways to experience the freedom of the open road.

However, alongside the exhilaration of riding on two wheels, there exists a potential drawback: safety concerns. The reality is that motorcyclists face significantly higher safety risks compared to drivers of cars and trucks.

In fact, statistics from the federal government indicate that in 2019, the number of deaths per mile traveled on motorcycles was almost 29 times higher than that of cars.

Enhancing Motorcyclist safety

Why are these numbers so alarming? A portion of this risk can be attributed to the limited protection motorcycles offer, particularly when contrasted with enclosed vehicles. Nonetheless, it's evident that other drivers also contribute to the issue.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, over half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. Surprisingly, in most cases, it's the car or truck driver who is at fault, not the motorcyclist.

Always Be Aware

So, what can we do as drivers of cars and trucks? It is our responsibility to remain mindful of motorcyclists while sharing the road. Here are four key points to remember:

  1. Be mindful of motorcyclists, especially during warmer months when they are more likely to be on the road. Increased awareness will help you react promptly to your surroundings.

  2. Double-check your blind spots. Keep in mind that motorcycles are significantly smaller than the vehicle you are driving, making them less noticeable. Prior to turning or changing lanes, ensure you have thoroughly checked your blind spots to enhance the safety of motorcyclists. Interestingly, a survey conducted by Erie Insurance revealed that the top annoyance for riders is drivers who neglect to check their blind spots before changing lanes.

  3. Maintain a safe distance. Always allow for an extended following distance when driving behind a motorcycle. Motorcycles can come to a sudden stop much quicker than your car, and sometimes they may slow down without activating their brake lights. By maintaining a sufficient distance, you can stop safely and avoid potential collisions. It's worth noting that riders also listed "drivers who tailgate" as a pet peeve in the survey.

  4. Stay in your lane. Motorcycles are entitled to the full use of a single lane. Always provide as much space as possible to riders. Avoid veering into their lane, as it may lead to dangerous situations.

Ride Worry-Free

Whether you choose two wheels or four, it is essential to have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your ride. Consult a local ERIE agent to learn more.

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