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Car Seat Belt

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Car Seat belt is a motor vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. The best protection inside the vehicle is the use of it.

Why You Should Use Car Seat belt

  • Secure the occupants from being thrown out of the vehicle.
  • If occupant is thrown out of a vehicle in a crash, the chances of being killed are 25 times greater than if he stay inside
  • Using it can reduce vehicle occupants injuries by stopping the user from hitting hard on interior elements of the vehicle or other passengers.

Use of Car Seat belt

  • It must be fasten on short trip or when traveling at low speed. Also must be used as a matter of traffic law.
  • Don't worry about being trapped in the vehicle while in use
  • To unfasten it is not difficult for you to get out and be rescued.

Automobiles Seat belt and air bags

Testing the airbag with a dummy without seatbelt
  • Air bags ejects and inflates automatically while seatbelts locks in event of crash
  • Both provides an extra degree of protection against injuries
  • They both give you protection in situations from possible fatal contact with the dashboard or the opposite vehicle when there is a crash
  • Note that vehicle occupants may not enjoy the full protection of airbag if they are not wearing their seatbelts. In other words, airbags are very effective when the occupants are wearing their seatbelts.


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