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Effects Of Alcohol On Driving

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Driving safely has to do with multiple tasks that involves various senses of human body. To ensure safety while using the roads, drivers must maintain alertness, make decision based on the ever-changing information present in the environment, and execute manoeuvred based on these decisions. Anything that impairs the ability to undertake these multiple tasks affect driving. However, the effects of alcohol on driving is not new to road users. Some of the road traffic crashes were as a result of alcohol consumption. That is the reason most countries legislated on maximum permissible BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) level. Hence, the effects of alcohol on driving is a topic to look into.

Blurred vision caused by Alcohol

Effects Of Alcohol: Definition Of Alcohol

It is a product used to modify status of a person for the benefit of the recipient. Example wine, lager beer, spirit drinks, etc.

BAC - Blood Alcohol Concentration

It is the measurement on the quantity of alcohol in your body. It is measured in grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood. A measurement of 0.05% BAC means that the body contains 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Legal limit in Nigeria is 0.05% - highest permissible. But the normal level is 0 - < 0.02%.

Blood samples for BAC level

Many people thinks getting drunk involves drinking too much. But this is not necessarily true. The amount of alcohol one takes in raises one's BAC above legal limits, depending on one's body weight. It can also have a greater effect if one is not feeding properly, feeling well or upset, the effects is even worse.

Alcolizer or breathalyzer

Alcolizer or breathalyzer is used to test whether a driver has taken alcohol or not. Good to know that walking on a straight line as a way of testing the ability of a driver to know if he can be able to drive is not holding waters.

Checking the BAC of a driver

Walking on a straight line is not the same as maintaining the level of alertness driving requires. The many skills involved in driving are not all impaired at the same BAC level.

Alcohol Effects On Driving

  • It affects driving weather one had much of it or not
  • Alcohol consumption reduces drivers ability to make quick decisions as proved by scientists test.
  • It diminishes; alertness sight and hearing
  • Reduces concentration on driving
  • Hinders effective thought coordination
  • Makes other driver to experience false confidence which may lead to taking risks
  • Makes simple tasks more difficult
  • Distorts hearing and vision especially at night.
  • Over relaxed the driver nerves thereby making the driver more likely to fall asleep while driving.

Finally, research has documented that the risk of a motor vehicle crash increases as BAC increases and that the more demanding the driving task, the greater the impairment. Good to know that various countries have legislated maximum permissible BAC level, the threshold at which a country draws its line varies considerably.

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