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Not Everyone Can Buy Insurance

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“What if you were given a 2nd chance to buy insurance?”

You might not realise it, but  there is actually a small group of people out there who are unable to get protected because of their health condition.

Insurance cover

Some weren't given the chance to buy insurance from day 1, while others neglected insurance in the early part of their life and later on when they needed it the most, they were not allowed to get covered any more.

Being an advisor for the last 21 years, I’ve seen many friends who have suffered and spent hundreds of thousands in medical cost just because they said in the early days, “I’m healthy, I don’t need insurance right now, I will buy next year”

It hurts me so much, because if only I could persuade them to get covered earlier, all these could be avoided.

Insurance is neither the coolest nor the trendiest thing to buy but the most necessary expense.

✅You pass away(Life insurance), your loved one gets the needed source of income to tide them through the toughest period of their life.
✅You fall sick in health(health insurance) get covered for all unexpected expenses.
✅Your kids go to college(Education insurance), you get the peace of mind knowing they can study and follow their dreams whenever they want.
You retire(Retirement insurance), you get a stream of income coming to you without worrying about day to day expense.

This coming Christmas, if an advisor comes to you asking you if you’re covered, don’t reject them first. Sit down and listen to what they have to say.

Because… you need to know if you’re even eligible to buy insurance in the first place. At least get a professional to find out.

Remember, not everyone can buy insurance and if you can, don’t wait for a “2nd chance”, buy now while you still can.

Also, premiums get more expensive when you grow older, so don’t wait till 2022.

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