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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 1

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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 1

1) What is the full meaning of FRSC?    Ans: Federal Road Safety Corps

2) When did FRSC celebrate its 25th Anniversary.     Ans: 18th February, 2013

3) What is the colour of FRSC vehicles.     Ans: Aquamarine blue with two white strips, one solid and the other broken lines running on the sides and from the bonnet through the roof to the boot

4) What is the core essence of introducing Road Safety Education in primary and secondary schools in 2005.       Ans: To catch them young

5) Who was the first Corps Marshal And  Chief Executive of FRSC?           Ans: Dr Olu Agunloye

6) Mentione three(3) major causes of RTC.      ANS: Human, Mechanical and Environmental cause

7) What is FRSC website?         Ans: www.frsc.gov.ng

8) Mention the three subjects that road safety education has been infused into.        Ans: English Language, Basic Science and Technology & National/Religious values

9) FRSC logo is made up of-------- features. Name them.        Ans: four features

The green eagle standing on a red triangle, The red triangle which stands for caution, The Owl which denotes vigilance & The bottom line that carries the Federal Road Safety Commission

10) When was the reflective number plate introduced in Nigeria Ans: 1993 (a computerise alphanumeric numbering Scheme)

11) Define road and state four types of road.         Ans: Road is a part established over land for the passage of vehicles, people and animals. It provides dependable pathway for moving people and goods from one place to another.

Types of roads: Private drive pathways, Two-lane Highways, Dual carriageway & Expressway

12) Roads in Nigeria is classified into how many trucks     Ans: Truncks A, B & C

13) What is the full meaning of WARSO?               Ans: West African Road Safety Organisation

14) When was WARSO founded?       Ans: May, 2008

15) United Nations declared --------- date as World Bicycle Day every year.         Ans: 3rd June every year

16) what is the website for National Drivers License application.       Ans: www.nigeriadriverslicence.org

17) What are the factors that influence drivers behaviour

Ans: Age, genda, road, weather condition, traffic enforcers, the vehicle, education, etc

18) What is the maximum speed limit on expressway.      Ans: 100km/hrs

19) Give four examples of exposed road users.        Ans: Motorcyclist, cyclist, pedestrian and animals

20) What is the speed limit of a tow truck while towing.      Ans: 45km/hr

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