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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 4

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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 4

1) Explaine the specification of these colours in road markings: white, yellow, black, blue and red


White: is generally to all road markings

Yellow: no overtaking zones. Obstructions to approaches, parking restrictions

Black: alternate with white for kerb markings

Blue: is for parking space for persons with Disabilities

Red: is for raised pavement markings such as one-way streets or alleys


2) outline six(6) types of Road Surface Markings used in promoting safety on the roads


a) Longitudinal marking (eg. Centre lines, traffic lanes, warning lines, no passing zones, border or edge lines)

b) Transverse markings (eg stop lines, give way lines, pedestrian crossing, cycling crossing, etc)

c) Hazardous location markings (eg. Obstruction approach, road rail level crossing, check barriers, etc)

d) Marking for parking (eg. Parking space limits, parking restrictions, bus stops etc)

e) Object marking (Objects within the carriageway, objects adjacent to the carriageway, kerb markings erc)

f) Word message or symbols (eg. Stop,slow,bus stop, keep clear, school, right turn only)


2) Define the term Road.     


Road is a path established over land for the conveyance of vehicle, people and animals 


3) Outline types/class of road you know 


a) Private drive pathways - Roads owned, maintained or controlled by an individual or organisation 

b) Single carriageway or two-lane Highways  - Traffic flows in opposite directions on a single lane

c) Dual carriageway - Roads with multiple lanes with traffic going in opposite directions with or no physical divider as concrete barriers 

d) Expressway - Highway divided with barriers making traffic in opposite directions Completely separated from each other


4) Outline four(4) Importance of Road Marking 


a) It can help to regulate the speed of motorist

b) It Improves the level of alertness of road users 

c) It gives prior notice to motorist of on the riad condition features 

d) Road markings inform of hazardous locations and obstructions on the road way

e) It enhances efficient, smooth and harmonious flow of traffic and reduces man hour lost

f) Used to demarcate a road way

g) Road markings enhances safety of road users especially the vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, etc


 5) Government number plates are categorized using colours and codes as follows 


a) Green Lettering on white background  is for MDAs(Ministries, Departments and Agencies)

b) Black Lettering on white background is for Military and Paramilitary 

c) White Lettering on blue background is United Nations


6) What are the full meaning of the following acronym

UNESCO - United Nations Educatuinal Scientific And Development Organisation 

NERDC - Nigerian Educational Research Council

SON - Standard Organisation Of Nigeria

NSE - Nigeria Society Of Engineers 


7) When was FRSC ISO Certified?       Ans: 26th March, 2021


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