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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 5

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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 5

1) Name the three tiers of field command administration in FRSC.      Ans: Zonal command, Sector command & Unit command

2) What are the three major causes of Road Traffic Crashes (RTC)      

Ans: Human factors,  Environmental factors & Mechanical factors

3) Mention the decree that established FRSC as a Paramilitary organisation in 1988

Ans: Decree 45 of 1988 as amended

4) FRSC has twelve Zonal command presently, list them

Ans:  Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Portharcout, Sokoto, Bauchi, Oshogbo, Kaduna, Yola, Jos, Enugu, Ilorin.

5) Highlight 5 statutory functions of FRSC as stated in FRSC Establishment Act of 2007


Preventing and minimizing road traffic accidents

Educating drivers, motorist and other members of the public on the proper use of the Highways

Clearing of obstructions on the Highways

Providing prompt attention and care to victims of road traffic crashes

Conducting researches into causes of road traffic crashes and methods of preventing them and putting into use the result of such researches.

Determining and enforcing speed limits for all categories of road and vehicles

Cooperate with bodies, agencies and group engaged in road safety activities or the prevention of Highway crashes

6) Who is the pioneer COMACE(Corps Marshal And Chief Executive) of FRSC?

Ans: Dr. Olu Agunloye

7) A Special marshal exercises the same functions as the Regular Marshal in all ramifications.  True/False

8) Define automobile?     Ans:  it can be defined as a self propelled carriage or vehicle used primarily for transporting people, goods and services on public road but adaptable to other surfaces

9) list 5 items that can be found in a first aid kit

Ans: Sling, splints, nose guard, hand gloves, adhesive plaster, thermometer, etc.

10) in simple and clear term define first aid

Ans: First aid can be defined as the temporary, skilled and immediate assistance given to a crash victim before he/she is taken to the hospital for proper medical attention.

11) Mention 5 common injuries that can be sustained in any crash situation

Ans: Wound, bleeding, dislocation, fracture, shock, asphyxia, burns and scald

12) What is kiss of life?

Ans:  kiss of life is an artificial respiration given through mouth to mouth respiration. It can also be called cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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