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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 6

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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 6

1) State the 3 aims of first aid administration to a crash victim.   

Ans: To promote recovery

b) To save life

c) To prevent condition from getting worse

2) Define Automobile?

Automobile can be defined as a self propelled carriage or vehicle used primarily for transporting people, goods and services on public road but adaptable to other surfaces

3) There are 3 major combinations of systems in a vehicle put together to form the overall object called automobile, enumerate them

Ans:  a)Body and Chasis, b)Engine  c)Power train

4) what is fracture?    Ans: A fracture is a break in the bone

5) Types of fracture

a) close or simple fracture

b) complicated or compound fracture

c) Impacted fracture

d) Depressed fracture

c) Communicated fracture

6) clinical condition resulting from the inability of the heart to provide adequate blood to the tissue resulting in impaired cellular metabolism is known as

Ans: Shock

7) How can nose bleeding be arrested?

Ans:  a)Do not tilt the victim's head backwards

b) Have victims sit or stand upright to slow down blood flow

c) Loosen any tight clothing around victim's neck

8) What is the colour of FRSC vehicle?

Ans: Aquamarine blue with two white stripes, one solid and the other broken lines running on the sides and from the bonnet through the roof to the boot

9) A Special designed portion at the edge of the road where vehicles can stop for a short time or park in the event of mechanical breakdown is called ....       Ans: Lay-by

10) An information sign with a big red cross at the middle denotes what?    Ans: First Aid station/Hospital

11) What is the speed limit of a car on the expressway

Ans: 100km/he

12) How many alpha-numeric codes can a number plate accommodate?        Ans: 8

13) The process of looking left, right and left again by a pedestrian before crossing a road is called....    Ans: Traffic drills

14) In the case of an accident of the highway the driver or person involved who fails to report to the nearest FRSC office or police station shall upon conviction be liable to a fine of ...

Ans: Twenty thousand naira(#20,000)


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