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FRSC Questions And AnswersPart 7

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FRSC Questions and Answers Part 7

1) When was the FRSC first established?

Ans: February 18th 1988 by Decree 45

2) The FRSC Decree 45 1988 was amended by

Ans: Decree No 35 1992

3) The FRSC Act Cap 141 was repealed and replaced by

Ans: FRSC Establishment (Act) 2007

4) Mention three major systems of road transport in Nigeria

Ans: a)Land. b) Water c) Air

5) Roads in Nigeria are classified into

Ans:  a)Trunck A Federal Road. b)Trunck B Road.  c) Trunck C Road

6) The first republic of Nigeria comprises.........region

Ans: 3 Regions

7) Name the regions of the first republic of Nigeria

Ans: Northern,  Western,  Eastern

8) Presently, how many geopolitical zones do we have in Nigeria

Ans: 6

9) The constitution calls for a two chamber National Assembly, what do you understand by upper chamber

Ans: The Senate

10) what is speed?  Ans: Speed is defined as the rate of change of distance, moved in an unspecified direction

11) The National flag was designed by .....       Ans: Taiwo Akinkuwi

12) The National flag was designed in ........  Ans:  1958

13) The seat of the Federal government moved to Abuja in

Ans: 1991

14) What is the major difference between a car with automatic transmission and one with manual transmission

Ans: The driver of a vehicle with Manual transmission has to engage and change the gear manually as he drives along while in automatic transmission, the gear is changed automatically

15)Nigeria was divided into 19 states in the year.........by ........Administration.

Ans: 1976, General Murtala Administration

16) List Categories into which regulatory signs are divided?

Ans: 2 categories

17) Mention four (4) Categories of road users?

Ans: Motorists, motorcyclists,  pedestrians,  Animals

18) What is POC?

POC - Proof Of Ownership Certificate.  It is a document obtained as part of the registration of a new vehicle indicating the identity of the owner

19) What is third party insurance?

Ans: Thirdy party insurance is a limited insurance cover which is mandatory for all motorists.  However, indemnity is only limited to a third party in the event of an Road Traffic Crash

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