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FRSC Questions And Answers Part 8

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FRSC Questions and Answers Part 8

1)What is Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme?

Ans: The Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme is a road transport regulatory policy which which stipulates minimum safety requirements for fleet operators (organisation, companies and road transport owners) with at least (5) vehicles in their fleet

2) What are the compelling factors that led to the establishment of RTSSS by Federal Road Safety Corps?

Ans:  a) Lact of standards in the road transport sub-section in Nigeria

b) Lack of professionalism

c) absence of proper regulation of fleet operators

d) Lack of a common front for a national road transport policy

e) wanton killing on our roads

3) What section of the National Road Traffic Regulations NRTR (2004) provides that "all Transport services shall establish a safety unit, appoint a safety officer as the head of the unit

Ans: Section 115 (1)

4) What are the general rules of the safety mangers of fleet operators in Nigeria?

Ans: a) Risk Assessment.  b)Drivers Assessment. c) Route Assessment. d)Vehicle Assessment

5) what are the fleet operators specific mandate?

Ans:  a)Establish safety units to be headed by qualified safety managers 

b) Conducive terminals/offices.

c) Standard recruitment policy of qualified drivers (section 23 52 NRTR 2004) 

d) Maintain records on drivers, vehicles and road traffic crashes and submit same on regular basis to FRSC/Nigeria police

e) Provide recovery vehicles and well designed emergency evacuation plan

f) Entrench security plans

g) Engage in fleet operators forum in order to share beneficial experiences

h) Meeting clients expectations of comfort and safety(safe and stress-free arrival)

6) Name four(4) main types of air pollution that are found in vehicle emissions

Ans: a)Carbon monoxide  b)Hydrocarbon  c)Nitrogen  oxide  d)Particulate matter

7) What are the benefits of  passengers manifest to passengers?

Ans:  a)Early/easy identification of accidents victims and quick contact with their next of kin to ensure adequate medical care and treatment

b)Reduction in abandoned corpses of unidentified accident victims

c) Enhanced quick clearance/recovery of dead victims by their relatives

d) Retention of information of passengers boarding vehicles which may be important for security and maintenance of law and order

e) Improve general road traffic crash data , which is capable of determining new measures to sanitize the sector by the FRSC

f) To enhance the central transport data bank for effective monitoring of transport and haulage systems as well as providing vital information for planning purposes

g) Monitoring of vehicle owners fo quick clearance and contact in times of accident

8) What are the main information required in vehicle passenger manifest?

a) Make of vehicle

b)Type and colour of vehicle

c) Registration/Engine/Chasis number

d) Drivers name and address

e) Departure/Destination point

f) Departure/Arrival time

g) Date

h) Passengers name

i) Passengers address and sex

j) Passengers Destination

k) Passengers next of kin (name, address and telephone)





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